Saturday, December 31, 2011

Sally sells sea shells down by the sea shore

But why?  Its a question Ive wondered every time Ive heard this little tongue twister but never really voiced.

Why on earth would sally be selling sea shells down by the sea shore?  What a horrible place to set up a sea shell shop!  Especially considering that the sea shells probably came from that very sea shore...  But how old is Sally anyhow?  Is she a child?  Because if she is, her selling sea shells on the shore is a little more understandable as shes not yet old enough to understand business.  It would be like the time I set up a stand with my best friend across the street and tried to sell ice water for 25 cents to everyone who passed...  In the end, we each made a dollar...  From our parents...

But enough about me, were talking about Sally here.  What if shes a teenager?  Then shes obviously too dumb to know that if you're going to choose to sell sea shells, you should at least go somewhere away from the sea shore to do it, and if you must set up shop there (or even anywhere for that matter) you could at least do something cool with the sea shells, like make necklaces and bracelets...  Maybe paint little beach scenes on them for the tourists (assuming she lives in a touristy place).

Or maybe, maybe, Sally is a drug dealer.

Everyone knows that the sea shell selling business is just a cover up.  That the seemingly innocent sea shell business is at the center of a ruthless drug ring.  That the bodies found out on the ocean arent just tourists who washed out too far or got stuck in a rip tide.  Sally is actually the beautiful face of an evil scheme.  Shes sits patiently at her makeshift stand under a large umbrella, observing all who pass by, always aware that one of them may be there to bust her, any of them could be an undercover cop, sometimes her hand finds the cool gun hidden underneath the stand on top of a pile of drugs buried beneath the stand. She never wanted it this way.  In fact, her business all started with a legitimately innocent sea shell selling business started up when she was only a child when her uncle noticed that no one ever paid it any attention, he saw it as a brilliant opportunity to run an undercover drug ring.  He set her up with a hidden speed boat and a map to a light house which also serves as a safe house and if anything should go wrong, she knows where to go.

But one day, they will find Sally's lifeless body, her blood soaking the sand, spattered on the sea shells and the stand.  She had dumped the stash into the ocean and ended her own life.  Her harmless childhood business was never meant to bring her here and she knew she would never get out any other way.  She had seen it coming for years.

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