Saturday, August 24, 2013

I was a muture adult today... Again...

I say this because I pulled off something that some other "mature" people might not be able to do. 

My ex best friend came into my work today with her fiance and a mutual friend of ours.  I took them as my last table of the night.  Not only did I manage to exchange words with her and her fiance whom I hated a year ago (an honestly, still dislike), but I still did things that I would have done if we were still friends.  I made her milk shake for her and made it with real ice cream instead of shake base and made sure her fries were fresh. 

People keep telling me how terrible she looks.  People say shes getting fat and that she looks miserable.  I didnt see that tonight.  She looked happy and talkative.  maybe because Jake was with them, Im not sure.  but even her fiance spoke to me and we talked about dropping food and spilling drinks, even had a little laugh about how its a good thing I only spilled water all over myself once rather than shakes or milk...  It was all very civil. 

I cant deny that i miss her more than anything.  We were best friends for eight years, that obviously means more to me than it does to her.

I guess when it boils down to it, I dont think I fully realized the consequences of the tings I said about her fiance last summer.  I guess in a perfect world, she would have cared about what I thought of him, she would have considered it, she wouldnt have started dating someone who was known to have an unreasonable hatred toward me.  She wouldnt have cut me off like that.

I dont think I completely understood that I would lose her altogether.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Cat Bite

My friend Abby found a cat living in the El Mariachi parking lot here in town and I agreed to go with her to feed it because, for some reason, she was afraid to go alone.  I guess because it was night time but sometimes the poor girl worries too much.  Anyway, he a sweet bengal of some sort, skin and bones, dehydrating, and his fur is really coarse.  He does this little nervous thing where he kind of kneads the ground as hes thinking about walking up to you.  I think hes been mistreated.  Not only that, but if given enough time, the cat will become ferral, hes already some of the way toward becoming so.  he needs someone to take him, someone with patience who can work on him.  Hes a sweet cat once he decides you aren't going to hurt him and he WANTS to be loved, he rubs on you and purrs and doesnt want you to stop petting him.  the only time I had problems with him was when I tried to pick him up.....

This is what my hand looked like the next morning after I had attempted to scruff him and carry him to the car.  I had him scruffed properly, at first, but he jerked and my grip moved, I guess, and he fought wildly, biting me two or three times and clawing the shit out of my hand.  I couldn't blame him for it, it was my own fault I tried to pick up a stray cat and he got scared, I think.

I called PAWS, our local no kill animal shelter and they told me that there was no animal control in our county and that if the cat were to be brought in, I had to bring him in myself.  The lady was VERY rude and unhelpful, though Im not sure why I was surprised, every time I've been up there, the person I've dealt with was highly unfriendly and grumpy.  I wanted to go up there while my hand was still in bad shape and tell them "THIS is what happens when you say that to people!"  Also, she lied about animal control, I knew this as soon as she said it because my room mate's mom is an animal control officer.  ANIMAL CONTROL SHARES A BUILDING WITH PAWS!  So this lady...  They need to get rid of her, hes either stupid or just THAT unpleasant.

-- On that note, is it too much to ask that the people working in animal hospitals, shelters, and clinics be friendly?  The techs (or maybe they're just office people and not techs, one cant always be sure) who work in the little veterinary clinic I take Nymeria to tend to be unfriendly.  There's a couple who are nice but a couple of them are just very short with you when you have questions.  The vets themselves are very friendly, however and that makes up for a lot of it. 

Anyhow, I went to work the day the above picture was taken and went straight to the office to bandage my hand and fingers.  My boss walked in and looked at my hand covered in blue bandaids and said "I don't think I can let you work like that." she was less concerned about how my hand looked all wrapped in blue than she was about the amount of swelling that had happened slowly throughout the day, slowly enough that I hadn't really noticed it.  She sent me home and instructed me to go straight to the ER.

Evan drove me.  It took two hours for them to get me into a room divided by two curtains.  Then for another two hours I listened to an elderly man continuously tell his wife "Just let me know, whatever you need, I'll get it for you.  whatever you need." I felt awful.  For at least the last thirty minutes or so, I had fallen asleep.  The doctor finally came in and looked at my hand, she drew lines around the swelling and took me to do a test or two and x ray my hand.  After that I had to file a report of the animal bite to be sent to Animal Control, I was sure to underline the part where PAWS had told me there was no animal control in this county.

It also turned out that one of the cooks from work was in the room on the other side of me with his girlfriend (who is also one of our waitresses).  Turns out poor Eric had slipped and landed with his hand on the grill.  I guess our location had a nice string of bad luck that night

Anyway, my hand is fine.  They gave me antibiotics and some ointment cream stuff to put on the punctures.  The swelling is down almost to zero, just hurts if I hit my hand on anything now.  I know now just how bad a seemingly harmless cat bite can be.  There's a LOT of bacteria in a cat's mouth.  Bites are HIGHLY likely to get infected.

The purple lines are the one the doctor drew around the swelling, as you can see, its a vast improvement.

As for the cat, hes still there, as of last night, anyway.  Abby's mom, however, has convinced her that if she continues feeding him, she could spread rabies to Cooper and Furball (her cats).  Honestly, this woman is a nurse so she should know how diseases spread.  It is HIGHLY unlikely that she could spread rabies or most other feline diseases to them because most diseases like that require direct contact or in some cases sharing a bowl of food or water.  I hope Abby doesnt stop feeding him.  Even one can of wet food a day would help him.  If she doesnt, I will.  I will also continue to search for someone who can help him and who will give him the love and attention he needs.  I would hate to see him go ferral out there.

Smores and Dead Critters

It turns out that smores were a great idea!  We cooked them over the stove (I have a gas stove) and enjoyed maybe a few too many.  We're supposed to be going to the gym and so far were failing miserably.  We explored my back yard after. 

There's an old fallen tree house in the corner of my yard that Shay used only ONCE as a child.  Its pretty cool actually, very well built but prone to bug infestations.  Shay says it used to be an actual tree house but I cant understand where it fell from and its still in pretty decent shape despite the door not being able to shut anymore and the floor being a little slanted.  am and I have decided to make it our lair.

We also discovered a hug dead spider in my shed and buried behind some miscellaneous junk is an old fire pit which would have come in handy to make the smores!  Shay has decided we should drag it out.  Apparently hed been wondering where it went because he wanted it for over the summer when everyone was in town for parties and stuff.

My house just got a little cooler...  And slightly spookier at the same time...  All these dead bugs everywhere!! 

After mine and Sam's adventure into the yard, Evan and I decided to take a trip to the levee to look for some cool drift wood.  About a year ago, I found an entire cut section of a log and decided to take it home to use as a coffee table in my friend's room.  Our room mate took it.  I keep telling him Im going to take it back one day but he would probably be mad at me if a day ever came that I actually did.  He thinks its his now.  Anyway, we didnt really find anything useful but we DID find another dead critter...  A fish.


Then, on a whim, I made the drive out to my roots in Rising Sun Indiana.  Both of my parents grew up there for the most part and there's this play ground by the river I remember my dad taking me to when I was a kid.  It was also the first place I drove to when my uncle first took me out driving.  We didn't find any dead creatures.  It was getting late, though, so we didn't stay long.  However, we did manage to find ourselves going the wrong way down a one way street.  There was no sign saying it was one way that we could see anyway, but we realized as soon as we crossed the intersection that it was because all the parking spots on the side of the road were slanted in the other direction on both sides.  Poor Evan was driving, hes still not completely comfortable with being behind the wheel so he just kind of pulled over to the side immediately to figure out what to do.  It took about two seconds for a cop to show up and flip her lights on.  The first thing she said to us was "You guys aren't from around here, are you?"  she seemed kind of grumpy, but shed probably had a long day and she let us off with a warning anyhow.  I've never been pulled over yet, but I've been in a car that was pulled over a couple times.

It was a pretty nice day in any case.  I've been in desperate needed to get out of the house and just drive somewhere for quite some time now.  I'm not like Evan, I cant be content with just sitting in the house for days and days only leaving to go to work.  I have to get out and do something every now and then or I got absolutely insane.  I was also glad Evan went with me too.  We don't get out much together.  Hes a hermit in a lot of ways so getting him to go somewhere with me can, at times, be a daunting task.  Its not entirely his fault, that's just the way he became when all of his friends stopped talking to him after high school or moved away.  He learned how to be content being holed up in his room for days.  Im hoping to break him of that at some point.

Sunday, August 18, 2013



Garnette was created originally when first came out with the whole "Atebus Masquerade" thing.  This was my first introduction to the idea of Steam Punk fashion and such and I then created a world based off of that concept.  She has some elements of Satine from Moulin Rouge and some elements of Adriette (A Subeta character).  

Garnette is a courtesan.  She lives in a steam based world, a colony that has settled inside of large domes on the moon and in tunnels that go through it.  The moon is independent from the Earth though is at peace with all countries taking no sides in wars and staying secluded.  Life on the moon is grand for most, but there are still the slums.  A small part of the colony that has fallen to hard times simply for being labeled as the poor part of town.  This is where Garnette is from

Polyvore Creation: Crop Top Transition [Black & White]

Crop Top Transition [Black & White]
A new Polyvore creation for the contest on transitioning crop tops from summer to fall...  Perhaps a little too much black but I would wear it :)

Unicorns and Baby Showers

I bought that unicorn mask...  Fun times to ensue.  Perhaps even pictures!

I'll be hanging out with Sam today...  On a whim I bought supplies to make smores so I suppose we'll make smores today?  I dont know...  so much for being workout buddies!!  haha.  But we really will be going to the gym soon too, hopefully...  Im probably going to ask Shay if (once my room is clean) I can move the bike up to my room from the basement.  I really dont think he'll care, it was his mom's back in the day and probably hasnt been used in years...  So I'll just get that up here because it freaks me out being in the basement alone...

Im starting to feel happy again.  I really am.

Cassie's mom had a thought that maybe she should invite me to Cassie's baby shower.  Its a good thing she ran that by Mindy, though.  I dont think Cindy (Cassie's mom) really understood that the problem doesnt lie with me...  It was never completely MY fault that we had a falling out.  Cassie never could forgive me for not liking her new boyfriend...  It was a nice thought on Cindy's part and its good to know that the woman who was my mother figure in many ways for the past eight years doesnt hate me now that her daughter and I dont speak anymore.  I will, however, be getting her a present for the shower, I suppose.  I feel obligated to.  Obligated isnt really even the word...  I just feel like its the right thing to do.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

This may be a little weird

But I feel this desire to buy the unicorn mask off of the Hot Topic web site and just...  Wear it...  Everywhere...  I just feel like that would be a fun thing to do...

Maybe I can make a plan of it...  Maybe I'll use it when tax season comes around, I'll work for liberty tax wearing my unicorn mask.  That way i wont have to worry about what I look like or if someone will recognize me...  It will be perfect!

I'll be famous in this town.
I'll be like Batman...

Thanks Douche!

I want to say a special thank you to the douche bag who came in with a party of 15 high schoolers (including himself) after a football game and left without paying.  The teenagers in question stayed for about an hour and a half, half were rude and difficult, the other half were at least somewhat polite.  They left me $3 for all the hard work I put into them and had been stiffed by two of my customers because they took so long ordering that I literally had no time to check on these customers except for a side question here or there over the 15 drinks I was carrying.

As for this douche bag kid, he was rude, when he needed a refill he just put his glass in the air and shook it at me, he didnt have enough bacon on his sandwich or enough sauce either.  I dealt with all of these things well.  My manager caught his buddies before they left letting them know that the two guys who got bacon burgers, cheese fries, and sweet tea hadnt paid yet and that someone needed to pay the $16 worth of food that was left.  Of course, they did but Im sure they werent happy about it.

Karma has a funny way of getting people sometimes, though because at that moment I was checking the table for tips.  I found $3 on the table.  Then I spotted some dollar bills on the seat and grumbled to myself because they could at least have the decency to leave it on the table and shoved it in my pocket. 

It wasnt until later that I realized he had dropped $17 on the seat and that it hadnt actually been my tip.  So in trying to save himself $8 in his food cost and being a douche, he actually lost almost double what he would have spent had he just pulled his money out of his pocket and paid, he might have realized it was gone and went back to the seat before I snatched it up....  He should also keep his money more organized because it was a 10 wrapped up in 7 ones so of course I thought it was a tip.

I guess karma really does exist...  However, i doubt thats what he took from it.  im probably the bitch who took his money and he'll just be checking his pockets before leaving places.  I'm sure he hasnt learned to tip the waitress who busted her ass for you and the people you're with, Im sure he hasnt learned not to dine and dash, but you can bet that he wont be getting away with it, not at our restaurant...

Friday, August 16, 2013


Im psychotic.  Really, I am.  I dont mean to be but I cant help it, losing my best friend of eight years left me with a couple scars.  More than a couple.

I've made a new friend!  Shes pretty awesome.  The funny thing about her is that a year ago I had been jealous of her and hadnt even met her.  You see, I had this silly little fling with this guy who is now strictly a friend...  sort of?  I guess were friends sometimes and acquaintances at other times.  Anyway, we had about a week long fling that ended in him not being sure if he liked me or this girl he knew in high school.  AND SAM WAS THAT GIRL!  Funny how things work out, right?  Im now super happy that they are together because Justin deserves a girlfriend who isnt a jerk and from what I know of her, Sam deserves to be happy, she seems to have gone through a lot of rough times in the recent past.

We've hung out once, it was pretty fun although I felt bed that we just ended up at Cassie's parents house (first time I've been there in the year since we stopped speaking) but Mindy was there and hadnt told me anyone else was home.  I think she was okay with it, though.  I hope she was.

I was going to take her to Clifton yesterday but she had a migraine and couldnt come so Evan and I took Jake and met Dominic up there.  I got her a silly post card because she couldnt be there.

While we were eating Jake mentioned that he heard Sam and Cassie were friends and I don't know why but I immediately began to feel...  Worried.  What if Sam didn't have a migraine?  What if she went over to hang out with Cassie and they were laughing at me and how stupid I am?  But why would I think that of her?  She just doesn't seem like that type of person at all and I really hope shes not.  Jake told me that he had heard that from Cassie and thats all.  I dont care if Sam is friends with her too, I've encouraged it, even.  Cassie could probably use another friend, a good friend.  I just hope that Cassie doent try to pull something like saying things to get Sam to not like me...  Thats what I worry about.  I wasnt always that great of a person so Im afraid Cassie might tell her about some of the mean things I've said and done in the past....

Monday, August 12, 2013

The start of a New Leaf

And so we begin.

I have finally found not one but TWO work out buddies, both whom I hope will stay committed to it...  or at least one of them anyway.  That doesn't mean this will become a diet blog or anything like that, but I will likely track my progress on here as well.

The adventure starts with research.

Pretty much what anybody would do, I think.  Now, I've been looking around on pinterest for helpful tips as well and am willing to try some of them, whats to lose?

My Health and Beauty pin board can be found here.
Please forgive me if there are misinformed pins on there, do let me know.  I'll be monitoring my success with these as well to see what really works.

So far I have it down to a few basic does and donts,

1. Drink plenty of water.
2. Start drinking Green Tea.
3.  Cut down on soda.

That's just a start.

Now, the part that will be difficult is the fact that Im a part time waitress now.  My income depends on tips.  How can I get away from buying a freezer full of Totino's pizzas and a pantry full of Ramen Noodles and Chef Boyarde Ravioli?
So.  Many. Carbs.!
And as they say in the fitness world, "You cant exercise your way out of a poor diet."

I suppose we will just have to wait and see what happens, yes?

My First Day Look design on polyvore

I figured I would share it because Im quite proud of it.  For the contest #Firstdaylook held by Polyvore.  Yep.  this is how I spend my free time.  Click here to see the actual page for it.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

New Friends and Saying Goodbye to the Old

I made a new friend today!  I've been in need of a new friend recently and not only does she live a few minutes fown the road but she also seems to understand me pretty well so far.  A good start!  We agreed to become gym buddies and hang out.  I hope we do, I think she may have best friend potential eventually.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Wish List for August 2013

Little Mermaid Ariel Bra
(From Hot Topic)
I cant lie, I have a huge obsession with the Little Mermaid.  Maybe its a little childish, but I dont really care.  I must have this bra!  I swear as soon as my pay check comes through, this will be ordered! :)

Of course I need the panties to go with the bra!  Of course, maybe these would motivate me to lose weight for reasons Im not entirely sure of...  Maybe I'll pretend its a bathing suit one day and wear them to the pool...  Or maybe not.

 Im not a big legging person especially if those leggings are just worn with a long shirt...  this would be another thing to motivate weight loss so that I can actually pull these off...  I've had a secret adoration for these leggings since I first saw them, but the Ariel and Eric ones are much cuter.  Though I initially liked these ones until I realized it looks like Ariel and Flounder are looking up at your crotch....  Ha.

Space Crustaceans Crustaceans From Space! Shirt
(From Meekakitty's District Lines Store)
Wish i would have had the ability to get one when my size was in stock...  All there i now i an XL which I will probably get anyway because I love it!  I wanted it when I saw the Dial Up Tour last year but was a couple bucks short...  My ex best friend said she would get it for me but never did...  Im pretty sure I will end up getting the XL before they're all gone..

Rosette The Tone Bracelet
(From Mod Cloth)
Wish i would have found this before it was out of stock!  I adore blue roses and this bracelet is just darling!!

Whats New?

Ive decided to tart thi blog up again.  Why not?  Even if no one reads it, why stop?

So heres the new deal with me.  I've worked at Papa Johns, loved it but it closed down after I was there for a year.  I worked at Circle K during that time too.  I moved on to be a waitres at Steak n Shake though.  I make pretty great money like I knew I would being a waitress.

I finally got my license last year, my ex best friend's sister let me use her car because we were supposed to be getting a GORGEOUS house...  That fell through, however because the price went up.  It was such a shame because the house had previously been a duplex and Cassie and I were going to live in the side that had a cute little kitchen with big windows, a cute little living room with lots of windows as well with a spiral stair case leading up to two bedrooms and a bathroom...  The house was slightly old but was so charming!  I do believe it was my dream home, honestly, it was!  Anyway, I got my license.  That was the point.

I have a boyfriend now.  We've been dating over a year now and we live together.  We went from a house full of room mates and cats to a tiny little apartment with one cat, and now we live in a huge house with a room mate and two cats.  Its really nice.  I have two gigantic closets and a jacuzzi tub, also my bed room is about the size of my old apartment.

I had a 1986 Crystler Lebaron that broke down after a couple months because I was unaware that it ate oil.  It was sad, the car was so lovely, I actually cried.  I now have a 2002 Mazda Protege which I payed too much for considering it needed two new tires, an oil change, new reservoir, and new brakes right away but its mine and I no longer have to walk to work.

I have a cat named Nymeria who I found in a friend's basement, said friend proceeded to take ownerhip over her but I took her when I moved and he put up no fight for her.  I previously had a kitten named Fenrir but he was given away to a really great home with people who love him a lot and feed him healthy food and fish oil.

I also lost my best friend to an engagement, that doesnt bother me so much anymore though.

I decided to give blogging another try.  :)