Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Deedee goe to the... Uhhh... Dentist!

I havent slept well since my battle with Captain Tequila.  I woke up the past couple nights convinced that I smell a fire, convinced that hes going to just come by and burn the house down while mom and I sleep.  But I seriously doubt its that serious and he wouldnt do something like that, at least I dont believe so.  I've also grown paranoid that every noise I hear is him coming to kill us.  Again, a huge part of me doesnt believe he would, hes not even allowed to step foot on the property, but I guess the other night shook me up more than I care to admit.

Anyway, I lost sleep, thats the point I was getting at.  So when I woke up early this morning to have my teeth cleaned  by the dentist, I hardly even knew what was happening to me.  Just by looking at all the tools and the little tray next to me when it was all over with, you would have thought Id gone to the hospital with a cut artery from all the blood...  I might have been just a tad overdue for a cleaning...  You know, maybe...  just a bit...

It all felt like a weird dream, almost like when I got my wisdom teeth removed and was falling backwards into a black pit, hearing slow-mo beeping noises and couldnt see anything but the two florescent lights above me.  Except I wasnt on laughing gas at all and there was no dental assistant asking me if my eyes were blue...  To which I did not respond "Oh my God!?  I have eyes!??" this time...

But I do know it wasnt a dream.  and why is this?  Because I am currently about to devour a Totino's Party Pizza in an attempt to rid myself of the tastes of a Dentist visit...  You know, Mint...  Latex...  Blood...  Yum!

But at least my teeth a nice and clean now :)

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