Monday, December 19, 2011

I just realized just how difficult I was as a child

Omer was quizing Jordyn (who is 12) on her social studies stuff for her test tomorrow then agreed she was allowed to take a break.  Jokingly I asked, "What state is Washington DC in?

Most people tend to say Washington, Jordyn was no exception.  Omer flipped.  It was kind of unfair and told her if she gets one C on anything she cant do dance.

This was something unnecissary and kind of alien to me.  Sure, as a child I was threatened to have things taken from me all the time, but it only happened once.

At that time my mother learned that taking things from me was no longer the answer.  I quickly learned that this gave me a way to make my mother's life even more difficult.  Eventually, she would run out of things to take away and had to resort to lengthening my sentence of solitude in the confinement of my room.  I had nothing left to lose.  And just to spite her, I would stop doing all of my homework.  I would purposely answer every question wrong on multiple choice tests (which, I must say, does take some talent to answer EVERY question wrong).  I would keep my room as messy as I wanted, she would check in on me and find me lying on a pile of clothes, all of them clean but lying all over the place because I had decided to try them all on and didnt feel like cleaning them up.  I pretty much did as I pleased because there was nothing more she could do to punish me.  Of course she could give me a good swat on the bum, but I had learned that it only hurt for a few moments and was better.

There even came a time when I ignored my sentence, I defied her and she would find me lounging about on the couch.  She then tried locking me in my room.  She forgot about the window which I climbed out of. Actually, it turned out she didnt lock my window because it was a fire hazard.  She couldnt win.  And after fighting with me for about a month, she gave up.

Okay, maybe I didnt just realize how difficult I was...  But...

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