Friday, December 16, 2011

This is a post. And its my first.

Yes, my first post on blogspot.  Until this day, I used Tumblr...  Which I'll still use, actually, Ill likely be posting everything I post here to tumblr too...  But all the reblogging there and such, its just not ideal for someone who wants to actually have a legit blog.

So what does one write for their first post?  Its like opening up a new book, what do I want you all to know first?

So I suppose I could use this first post here to tell you a little bit about myself, yes?  That seems like a good place to start....

Well, my name is Destiny in the real world and I use my middle name (Marie) as my last name because I dont like my mom's last name or my dad's last name.  So I branched off and became my own section of both family trees.  Who knows, maybe Ill get married one day and like my husband's last name...  As I dont think he'd be fond of taking my name, what man would choose Marie as his last name?  Cant say Id blame him.

As for my location, I live Nowhere.  That, children, is what we call Ohio.  Honestly, when you think about how many astronauts are from Ohio, it makes you wonder what it is about Ohio that makes people want to flee the planet?  I live in a very awkward place between the city and Hillbilly Town... Im not entirely sure I would call it Hillbilly Town, I guess.  I mean, there might be some completely normal people who live there that I dont know about, but I know that I have family out there. They live in trailers in the woods which you have to drive down a muddy gravel road full of potholes to get to.  Their trailers are caked in mud on the days their kids decided to throw dirt chunks at it and the yard is littered with Little Tyke and Fisher Price toys, oh and the occasional health hazard and rusty car parts...  Even a few rusty old cars that will never run again...  Its a magical place where people hang dead things all over their living room walls and it always smells like soup.  Thats not really a stab at my family.  I love them all and they know it.  But its hard not to notice that quite a few of them have general disregard for dental hygiene, and a couple for overall hygiene...  How my mom became such a snob in a family like ours, Im not sure.  But I guess Im glad that I didnt grow up to be a straw hat wearing, shot gun wielding country girl with the family accent...  Well, sometimes I have the accent anyway but I cant shoot a gun very well.  When I worked at the restaurant (where most of my family has worked at some point in their life) my accent came out very heavily from overexposure to family members.  Its horrible.  My future husband is not allowed to meet them unless I know he really loves me.  Mr. Marie would go screaming in the other direction if exposed to them too long.

Well thats not totally fair.  I do have family members who are normal and okay to be exposed to society. And then theres my grandma who pretty much lives at one with nature.  Which is another reason why I love her.

As for me, you should be warned that its quite possible I have split personalities.  Im crazy, excitable, and completely random one moment, and the next im chill, Im deep, dark, and super serious.  And sometimes angry.  Its hard to know one minute to the next, its a gamble you take when you're around me.

Think thats about enough for now.  If I just went ahead and told you everything then there wouldnt be a point in reading anything after this, now would there?  No.  Stay tuned ;)

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