Thursday, December 29, 2011

Spiritual animals

 Today, I found out that one person does not always necessarily have just one spiritual animal and that it is common for a person's spiritual animal to be an animal they fear.  In my case, owls and octopi.  And when looking things up about spiritual animals and such, I think those two might be mine...  How weird is that!? 

Im not totally happy about this, but I have always been the type to take my fears and make them part of my life...  Like when I was a kid, I was afraid of rats.  I think now it was largely based on the fact that rodents are the one thing in this world that terrify my mom and I knew.  Also, in Lady and the Tramp, the rat is pretty much one of the bad guys in it, everyone was freaking out over this big evil rat...  And so my lady and the Tramp movie, book, and audio tape had to be taken away from me as a child... 

Years later, I had a pet rat named Lady Judas (may she rest in peace).  I took that fear, and I made it a part of me by having a rat as a pet. 

Who knows, maybe Ill get an octopus one day...  I wont get an owl though because they eat mice and rats...  I wont feed mice and rats to an owl...  I have this thing about keeping animals that you have to feed live food to.  I dont hate people who do or anything, i just wouldnt.  Ive been told by my friend every time she feeds her snake that "Its nature" but really its not, the situation at least, while I appreciate that the animal will die if it doesnt eat, it isnt fair to the prey because they have no escape like they would in nature, they would at least have a chance in the real world, but stuck in a tank with the predator, theres no way to escape...

But, owls.  Yeah dude, they freak me out.  I mean look at this!!

Look at those evil things!!  I mean, you've got the one on the left swallowing a rat!  The one next to him looks like hes possessed and chanting some satanic shit.  Then you have the other two doing some creepy ass dance of fucking DOOM

I hate owls.  they scare the hell out of me.

And lets not forget their role in the movie "The Fourth Kind" which I might mention is based off of real events, and yes I do realize that a lot of movies say that and that "based off of true events" can easily mean that only one scene included in the movie is actually true and the rest of it was completely fabricated.  But apparently in the real case that the movie is based off of the victims kept mentioning that they kept seeing an owl outside their window.

What does this prove?  Owls are evil alien creatures sent to Earth to destroy us all!!!!

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