Saturday, December 17, 2011

Dee's Guide to Sleeping During Plane Rides

Because Im pulling an all-nighter!


Because I always intentionally deprive myself of sleep before any plane ride...  Im fidgety and grow easily bored with things too quickly, so there are only so many things that can keep me amused on a four hour plane ride across the country.

As I am a veteran to the art of flying (and I have been six times a year since I was twelve), I've come to find that the most logical thing I can do to occupy every minute of my time is sleep.

Which is nice...  Until the asshole in front of me decides to lean their seat back.  Theres a reason I avoid leaning my seat back, because
1. It doesnt go back very far anyway, and
2. Although it doesnt tilt back very far, it is far enough to squash the head of someone who has their seat tray out and is attempting to take a nap with their arms folded on top of the tray and makes it pretty much impossible to sleep that way the rest of the plane ride, you then have to hope you have a window seat because your only other hope for sleeping at least somewhat comfortably on a plane is to rest your head against the window.  Otherwise, youre stuck trying to sleep with your face on the seat in front of you or awkwardly sleeping sitting up...

Take note that if you fall asleep cross legged on an isle seat and your foot is out in the isle but resting on the side of the seat in front of you, your foot will get smushed.  And if you're like me, you wont even cry out in pain because you dont want everyone looking at you like you're a loonie!

The middle seat is just as bad as the isle seat, only you dont risk getting your foot smooshed.  However, you are typically seated between two strangers, one or both of them may want to sleep too.

Heres where my opinion of other people differs...

Sometimes I stay awake to talk to people next to me if I deem them interesting enough to further deprive myself of sleep to get to know them, this has been the case quite a few times when I was seated next to a cute boy...  like one time I saw Corpse Bride for the first time on a plane, it was his first time seeing it too.  We watched it together then talked about how awesome it was afterward.  And he was cute...  But also, maybe sive years older than me...  Maybe more...  he was in college and I was either a freshman or sophomore in high school at the time...

But Ill tell you something that bothers me.  I cant stand sitting in either the middle or isle seat when someone who has to pee every five minutes is sitting where they have to wake me up to get out.  My suggestion to those people with small bladders, for your sake and the sake of others in the same row as you, get an isle seat.  Please!!

Also, I get irritated when people immediately put the window shade down after choosing a window seat (in those flights that let you choose where you sit).  The whole point of the window seat (besides a comfier sleeping situation) is to look out the window while taking off and landing, for some at least.  I also cant stand when people block the window while theyre marveling over how high up they are, I know that when i sit by the window, I am considerate enough to lean back in my seat so that everyone else can enjoy the view.  Theres no reason to block everyone's view!!

I also dont like small children on air planes.  Babies are nice and all, but cant you, like, sedate them before putting them on a plane...?  No...?  Okay...  I mean, it was just a suggestion....

Basically, your only hope of having a semi comfortable plane ride is if you ride first class (which I have never had the luck of doing), or if you sit by a window...  The last few seats are always the best especially when on the flights that let you choose your seat, if its not a booked flight, you have a good chance of getting a whole row to yourself, or you'll at least have a seat between you and another person...  Which is nice too.

I've become a plane sleeping ninja over the years, honestly, I pass out as soon as were in the air, people probably think im narcoleptic...  Which I think may be possible sometimes...

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