Friday, December 23, 2011

Red is the color of lust...

And I am absolutely lusting after this camera!!  The Nikon Red D3100.  I mean, its not just because its red, even though I think thats pretty awesome, after playing around with it at Best Buy today, im pretty in love with how easy it is to work with, and maybe thats because im used to Cassie's Cannon Rebel... 

I realize I could get this same camera in black...  But that color red is just...  UNF!  And the controls of the camera itself.  Its perfect for me!  That camera and I are absolutely destined for eachother!  I was meant to photograph the world with that camera, it was meant to hang from my neck as I traveled everywhere from the grocery store to...  I dunno, London...  Maybe Ill find a way to London one day?  And when that day comes, my camera will be there with me.  Seriously people, this camera would become the love of my life.  That sounds materialistic, I guess, really Im not that bad.  Honestly its only a little more expensive that the cheapest DSLR Nikon at Best Buy...  I think...  Its only somewhere in the neighborhood of $640...  I think...  I rounded up to $700 when I made a mental note of how much I needed to save up for it...  It will probably be cheaper by the time I actually saved up for it.

I tell you, I will own it one day.  When i held that camera in my hands, I felt a weird sense of fate.  A sense I've had before when chosing which rat I wanted at the pet store and when I saw my cat Sookie sitting in Leisa's grandpa's back yard a feral kitten which would be mine to tame only a couple weeks later.  Its one of those things you just know is meant to be.  For this reason, Im glad mom didnt get me a camera at the beginning of the semester, this camera will make it worth the wait. 

You will belong to me one day you sexy red DSLR!  Im already working out a name for you!

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