Friday, December 23, 2011

Mom's floury snowman cookies

Mom and I made melted snowman cookies today.  Although the sugar cookies underneath all that icing are kinda...  Plain and floury tasting...  They still look cute dammit!!

Also, the icing is made with meringue powder.  Now let me tell you how long it took us to find meringue powder...  Or not.  But I will say we searched every grocery store in town before I thought that maybe Michael's was a good idea.  And apparently it was because we found it.  The lady in front of us in line told us shed had to order it online and now she was kinda upset she hadnt thought to try looking for it there.

Brownie points to me!  And on that note, I'll go have a Nutella brownie...  Except, mom made them...  Something about her baking just doesnt seem right.  Personally, I blame her blender, I mix everything with a big spoon myself and it always comes out great...  But how to find the heart to tell mom that?

I dont think I will.  I'll let her believe shes awesome, she deserves it :)

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