Friday, December 16, 2011

My great uncle shot his children...

Before you get too excited, they were goats, which isnt much better, but in this case it wasnt legally murder or anything.

It was still terrible.  When his wife left he threatened to kill the kids (the goats) if she didnt come back.  You see, in my family, it is acceptable to look at goats as children the way some would do with a cat or dog...  And they even had to have their names on the family Christmas tree!  James Robert, and William Robert...  I remember having to silver sharpie them onto the little ornaments....  Yes, remember my family I told you about?  The ones that dont live in the trailers I told you about live on farms.

My uncle shot the children when his wife left them.

How messed up is that?

Sorry, that might have been a little depressing to some...  I figure I can tell stories that may explain why im so messed up...  Or not...

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