Saturday, January 4, 2014

Clown dream

It all played outnlike being in a movie.  I was a preteen girl at a funetal for a boy I had liked.  A man was investigating his murder and I remembered he was bring chased by a group of kids that night but he had ran off and never come back after he had said he knew how to get rid of them but he had told me to run anyway.

After talking to the man another man walked up, it was the Jack in the Box guy who I had remembered seeing that night too and had remembered seeing him melt a car with acid that came from his finger tips. bi had thought the boy had become him.  I got out of the car before he mrlted it with the investigator inside.

I walked home with him and he told me he only kills when he gets really mad but he was not theperdon I thought he was.  The boy and the bullies had died that night, this man had killed him. 

I stopped in my place "oh," I said "are you that friend he talked about?  That imaginary friend of his he called....  what was your name?"

He walked inside and shut the door.  Suddenly everything went dark.  I walked nervously to the end of the street to be met by him again oozing that acid.  I ran, lost him, and was drug inside a door with three others who told me I needed to be quiet. 

We listened for the jack in the box headed man and when he walked by we were releived.  But the man busted in, sprayed me with acid and instructed one of the others to hit me with a hammer.  And they did.

He told them "The boy who died didnt do what I told him to do.  I told him to kill her and he wouldnt.  Since he took out my guys I need new ones, thats you guys if you want to live."

I was somwhow alive having only had half my body covered in acid and only been knocked out breifly by the hammer.  I killed them.  The man became angry and threw something that started a fire.  His face mwlted into just a clown face and I ran.  He ran after me but ended up running down the street.  I blacked out.