Saturday, December 24, 2011

A piece of my childhood

Because I have nothing better to do right now, Im making a post dedicated to game music which is currently stuck in my head all thanks to Abby.  She posted dubstep remixes of Zelda songs on my facebook today and theres been no going back ever since. 

Click Clock Woods (Winter)

This song will pop in my head at the most random times!  I can be doing the dishes or whatever and there it is!!  Ever since I was a kid, I would tap my pencil to this beat a lot.  I loved this game, it was and still is pretty amazing as most of the Nintendo 64 games were...  Are...  I still prefer my Nintendo 64 to any other gaming platform even though I've, sadly, lost most of my games over the years.  But i found an old copy of Banjo-Kazooie at a flea market and was pretty pleased.  In the spirit of Christmas I posted the winter version ;)

Zelda; Ocarina of Time
Epona's Song

This one I used to hum all the time, especially when dressed in my super awesome Malon costume grandma made for me at the peak of my childhood obsession with Zelda.  What am I talking about, childhood obsession, OOC is still one of my favorite video games of all time!  I thought that it was cool that her name was close to my last name when I was a kid, in fact, I thought her name was my last name as I overlooked the one letter difference.  Gorgeous music in this game, really!

Final Fantasy VII
Aeris's Theme

This one holds a very special place in my heart.  My favorite babysitter discovered quickly that if she were to sit me down next to her, I would happily watch her play video games.  Final Fantasy VII is the only one I completely remember, and Aeris was my favorite character.  I decided for some reason her name should be Frankie.  (SPOILER ALERT! IF YOU HAVENT PLAYED THE GAME, STOP READING!) )When "Frankie" did in the plot line, I was so upset about it that Debbie (my baby sitter) got me a little stuffed dog which I named Frankie in her honor.  Frankie became my favorite stuffed animal, even surpassing Roadkill Kitty, but that is a story Ill save for another time.  This song is one that Debbie used to play on her piano to get me to take a nap. 

Donkey Kong 64
DK Rap Intro

There was a time when I knew the entire rap.  This intro is one of the few game intros that I almost never skipped.  Tiny was, of course, my favorite...  I wished I could fly using my pigtails too...  I used to imagine that I could...  haha!

Yeah, thats pretty much it for now, I cant think of any others right now..  Well, that was a fun walk down memory lane ;)

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