Monday, December 26, 2011

Had my first kiss at 20, now Adele stalks me!

Well, Someone Like You does anyway.  And as much as people say "It stalks everyone" let me just say, you dont understand.

Over the summer, STEPS got together and did John Lennon and Me for our summer show.

Now before I go any further, STEPS is a sort of community theatre group in my home town originally started two years ago when a friend of mine wrote a play and got a group of friends together to perform it, and thus STEPS was born.  STEPS stands for "Stuff Too Edgy to Perform in School" as our first show was called Goliath and was about a boy named David struggling between his religion and his sexuality.  In a town which has six churches within four blocks of eachother, you can bet it was a HUGE scandalous, blasphemous thing in the eyes of a lot of the town residents.

Anyway, back to John Lennon and Me.  I was the star of the show.  It was fabulous...  Except that I had to kiss my best guy friend...  And maybe that might not have been a huge deal...  Except...  As awkward as it is to admit...  That was my first kiss.  So there I was having to give that up for the good of the show.  I guess its not such a big deal looking back on it now, but at the time I was trying everything to get out of it because I would be damned if I was giving up my first kiss to Josh.  The funny thing is, Id known long ago that my first kiss would probably be staged.  And I was absolutely right.  Josh didnt know why i made such a big deal about it until after the fact, but I honestly dont know how he imagined I could have kissed anybody before, Im a closet germaphobe and every situation Im in becomes awkward in my mind, especially personal ones.  This is why I will probably die a virgin.

ANYWAY.  It took him no less that at least thirteen tries to get me to cooperate when he had to spin me around and kiss me, or at least let him put his lips on mine.  He got my nose, my eye, my chin, forehead, everywhere but my mouth the first few times.  Oh, and lets not forget to mention that everyone decided to inflict this torture upon me on my birthday!  My 20th birthday...

So in the background of our big kiss scene, our friend Greg played piano.  He chose "Someone Like you" by Adele.  Neither Josh or I knew it was actually a song, we thought it was something he'd made up.

About a month later I heard it on the radio for the first time.  I hear it at least every other day now if not every day...

Im not a fan of Adele's voice for some reason.  love her lyrics, but something about her voice just bothers me...  I have no idea why...

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