Sunday, December 18, 2011

The Tiny Zoo

Today I attended the "Zoo Lights" at the Phoenix zoo.  Another one of mother's ideas of a "family outing" with Omer (her boyfriend) and Jordyn (his twelve year old daughter).

There were no animals to bee seen except for the ducks in the pond.  While the lights were pretty, it just wasnt the same.  I saw no giraffes and this made me sad.  The Cincinnati zoo was better.

Cincinnati Zoo Giraffe                                                    Phoenix Zoo Giraffe

Although Cincinnati was also freezing cold.  Arizona was very warm.  But mother has adapted to desert dwelling and thinks that 78 degrees is cold and thinks that I need to be bundled up like Ralphie's brother in A Christmas Story.

She forced me to wear a jacket though I rejected the gloves and scarf she offered me.

Upon getting there I whipped the jacket off with the intention of enjoying my evening in the lovely night air.  But mother freaked out that I was going to catch a cold.  I wore it, but I was not happy about it.  This was shorts and tank top weather to someone like me, an Ohioan from the place where it actually gets really cold and snows.

She must have forgotten her roots in Ohio, she must have forgotten how much colder it is there.

But as soon as shes gone from work tomorrow, I swear I will take off my pants and lounge about in my underwear with the heat turned off and every window in the house open.

And she cant stop me!

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