Sunday, December 25, 2011

Star Girl vs. Captain Tequila

I'll be doing my best to post only positive things on this blog.  But this story must be told.

My grades havent been great in school, this is due to my inability to get to class by my own means.  Thats not the best excuse, I know this, which is why Im taking this semester off to get everything I need straightened out, I wanted to do this over the fall bu mom and Omer hounded me that I couldnt do that.  Anyway, Omer has been pissed off about this.  He sat me down, told me if I didnt start doing better Ill be cut off.  Okay.  End of it, right?  No.  Because Omer doesnt know how to let things go, instead he chooses to grump around the house and act like an irate twelve year old.

Today he went to watch the game at the bar and got drunk in the process.  By lunch time, he was trashed when mom and I went to have lunch with him.  It was all okay until he pissed mom off and they got into it.  He got angry that mom had taken me to get my eyebrows done and I didnt deserve anything from her, he said.

He went back to his seat, I looked across the bar and said "Merry christmas Omer." then stormed out toward the car.  By all means, there was so much Id wanted to say but settled with a positive "Merry Christmas."

I was half way to the car when Omer came out after me screaming at me from across the parking lot.  I tried to ignore it but he was persistent about it and was very quickly up in my face doing that little lunging angry dance thing all up in my face screaming at me.  So what did I do?  I stood my ground, I told him like it was and defended myself.

He told me I was a fat, worthless, waste of a human being, I should just go crawl in a hole and die somewhere and make everyone else's life better because all Ive done my whole life is ruin my mother's life.

For a moment I believed him.  I threw my calzone at him.  It missed him.  Barely.

Meanwhile back in the bar, mom had just asked for the check just before I stormed out.  A couple minutes later the guy who had been sitting next to us said to mom, "I dont know if you know this, but that guy followed her out there, I just walked out there and hes in her face screaming at your daughter in the street."

Mom came out as soon as she could and after some struggling, she got him out of my face and shoved me toward the car but not before he got in her car and took her garage door opener.  We came home, I was an expert at getting into the house as I had been accidentally locked out thousands of times, when i discovered the back window I usually used was locked, I just used the dog door (obviously I wasnt too fat to get through a medium sized dog door).  We sat in the living room for a couple of hours a I tried to tell mom I no longer felt safe in the house and i wanted to leave but she was so sure it would be alright.

I was cleaning in the kitchen when I heard the garage door open.  I decided it would be best if I just went up to my room.  I kept the light turned off and for some reason, at the last minute, I decided to lock my door, just in case he came in to yell at me or something.  He said something to mom on his way up the stairs, we have a loft in the house, heres a picture.
Thats a pretty crappy picture...  But it works.  Where was I?  Oh yeah!  Behind my locked bedroom door, laying on my bed when I heard him try to twist the knob.  I got up and walked over to the door quietly and in the dark I silently dared him to try and get in, I was ready for him to bust that door down, after what had happened earlier, I was ready to tear his face off.  He only tried to twist it once before going down stairs.  Mom asked were he was going, he snapped at her telling her hed gotten a hotel and expected her to be out tomorrow (which is now today, Christmas).  Mom said he cant kick her out that way and if he were to officially evict her she would have about a month to get out.  I heard him say, "Fine, but your worthless daughter dont live here, i want her out." mom said she was tired of him making me feel like shit and asked how he would feel if she did the same to Jordyn.  From upstairs all I heard was my mom screaming, what happened was he picked her up, and nose to nose with her he said "What you dont seem to understand is Ill fucking kill you." then bit her nose, not just a nibble, he clamped down on my mothers nose, threw her on the couch and came up after me.

After hearing my mother scream downstairs I had emerged from my room, sneaking out onto the loft wondering what to do or if my mother needed help.  I was ready to run downstairs and jump on him were I to look over the half wall and see him on top of her.  I had no time to make a decision though because at that point he was coming up the stairs at me.  I stood my ground.

He got in my face, "Get the fuck out of my house."
I looked at him and shook my head.  What else could I do?  He was drunk and unreasonable.

I dont know exactly what happened in the following moments, I cant remember them clearly, in trying to remember, I think he said something like "You'll get the fuck out right now." and the he lunged at me.

Time stood still just here, like in the beginning of the 2009 Sherlock Holmes movie.  I had all the time in the world and none at all.  I could let him hit me, and call the cops for it.  Or, I could defend myself and risk having the adult and owner of the house's opinion taken into consideration over my story.  Mommy wasnt up there to help me, I was going to fend for myself.

I threw up my arms to protect myself.  He grabbed ahold of me, I lunged toward the computer in hopes that this would make him unable to throw me down the stairs (which I had initially been afraid he would do, and he could have very easily from there).  The next thing I knew, I was pinned up by the computer desk as his arm crushed down on my wind pipe.  I clawed at his face like a crazy person and then remembered my uncle telling me once that if someone were to attack me to "dig your thumbs in the mother fucker's eye sockets" I believe was his wording at the time.  And so I did, but I didnt dig in too much because once my thumbs found his eyes, he let go.  All of this happened in the short amount of time it took my mom to get up off the couch where hed thrown her across the room and bolt up the stairs.

He got to his feet and said to my mom "look what your bitch daughter did to my face!"

There was blood everywhere.  It wasnt mine.  None of it belonged to me.

I dont know if the large gash on his face happened before or after he pinned me, but I knew Id done it and was surprised I had.  My nail had broken off.  He looked at me, laughed like a mad man and said "Your ass is going to jail for this."

He dialed up the cops while whipping up fake tears. "My girl friend and her suicidal daughter just attacked me in my own home.  They were waiting for me when I got in he door...  Yes, the cops have been here before for the daughter, she was taken off to the hospital for a suicide attempt...  (((Ill tell that story another time))) Theyre standing side by side waiting to attack me again, please hurry!"

Mom laughed, we were on either side of him she told me to come down stairs with her and get away from him.

"Theyre trying to escape!" he said, "The car is in the garage...  No there are no weapons but there are knives downstairs in the kitchen where theyre trying to go." It went on like that.  I waited calmly on the couch for the police as Omer smiled smugly down at me from the loft.  He immediately went outside when the cops came.

The first cop who talked to mom and I wasnt too thrilled at first to be there, why would he be? "Would you like to explain to me why the cops have been called here on Christmas Eve?"  he didnt seem like an ass to me though, he didnt know the situation yet and for all he knew we were dangerous crazy people.

He sat us down, took our IDs and asked what happened, I kept my mouth shut and let mom talk.  To this one.  He seemed more understanding at this point, even managed to be friendly, when I went up for my ID, he said "Well dont bring a gun down with you or anything." but with a smile, he obviously didnt think i would harm him.

Another officer came in and we repeated the story.  He went outside but both officers said they would be back in.  After about ten minutes a third officer came in while mom was out smoking, he said to me "Im bringing in this cell phone and garage door opener, technically you would be responsible for looking after them so dont let anything happen to them...  I dont know what would happen but, you know."  I said "Okay..?" he set the two things down on the end table by the couch and said "Jail just isnt a good place to have these things, you see."

Omer had been hauled off to jail, initially for getting snippy with the cops and eventually saying "Fine, just throw me in jail then!" like a total Jersey Boy douche.  Also his story was ridiculously twisted and the cops could easily see that he was lying.  The first cop came back and informed us that we had been deemed victims in the situation and had certain rights which we could choose to waive but we all decided that there was no harm in actually hearing them.  Mom and I sat down at the kitchen table to write out our statements as the older cop came in with Omer's phone laughing "This guy really is a piece of work, he claims he recorded it all on this phone but theres nothing on here."

Uh, how would he be recording himself trying to crush my wind pipe?  I mean, I got out without any noticable mark, but Ive never bruised very easily anyway.

Would he have killed me if I hadnt tried to dig my thumbs in his eyes?  I dont know.  Id like to think not but after seeing my mom's purple and red nose, I just cant be sure anymore.  What I know is mom is Rudolph for Christmas and Jordyn's dad is in prison on Christmas.

You know, back when i was thrown in the hospital after a police visit, I came home and was told it was selfish of me to do that because Omer could get his visitation rights taken away from him.  Something tells me he wont be allowed to see Jordyn for a while after this.  Which he kinda deserves really, but its not fair to Jordyn...

I feel awful that mom has to find a new place to live and that Jordyn cant see her dad on Christmas.  But I have no remorse for him anymore.  He can be like every other man that has walked into my mom's life, says he cares about us both but then has a drastic bi-polar swing and ends up hitting her, me, or both of us.

People wondered why I couldnt live with mom and Omer.  World War III is no place for me to be.

On that note.
Positive posts now!!

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