Sunday, December 18, 2011

Deedee's Airport Adventure Part 3

My second flight was possibly the most comfortable four hour flight of my life...  Yes.  I spent an unnecessary six hours in the air yesterday and about five hours in the place which it has now been confirmed was, in fact, Minnesota.

I was put on a large plane in the back where only five of us sat spread out throughout the third section of the plane and I had three seats all to myself.  I had the option of a window, a tray, or laying across three seats.  I took the last option.

It was a pretty peaceful flight, except that the girl behind me was singing to herself the whole way and somehow causing suspicious beeping noises.  I became convinced that she was a terrorist.

When I got off the plane, I immediately called April to let her know a couple of things.

April: (groggily) "Hello?"
Me: "I landed."
April: "I figured."
Me: "Im upset."
April: "Why?"
Me: "Theres a Cinnibon here and I have no money."
April: "....  So you call me at one in the morning to inform me that your upset over a cinnamon roll?"
Me: "Yeah, pretty much."
April: "Okay, well Im going back to bed then, unless you have something else to tell me."
Me: "I love you."
April: "Okay, goodnight."
Me: "Lynnie!"
April: "What?"
Me: "I love you."
April: "Okay."

At this point everyone I passed was looking at me because I was now yelling into my phone.

April: "What!?"

April sighed on the other side of the phone knowing that I wasnt about to give up now that it was a game in my mind and I was going to win one way or another.  She grumpled, "I love you too." and as I was completely satisfied by this, I allowed her to go back to bed.

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