Saturday, August 3, 2013

Wish List for August 2013

Little Mermaid Ariel Bra
(From Hot Topic)
I cant lie, I have a huge obsession with the Little Mermaid.  Maybe its a little childish, but I dont really care.  I must have this bra!  I swear as soon as my pay check comes through, this will be ordered! :)

Of course I need the panties to go with the bra!  Of course, maybe these would motivate me to lose weight for reasons Im not entirely sure of...  Maybe I'll pretend its a bathing suit one day and wear them to the pool...  Or maybe not.

 Im not a big legging person especially if those leggings are just worn with a long shirt...  this would be another thing to motivate weight loss so that I can actually pull these off...  I've had a secret adoration for these leggings since I first saw them, but the Ariel and Eric ones are much cuter.  Though I initially liked these ones until I realized it looks like Ariel and Flounder are looking up at your crotch....  Ha.

Space Crustaceans Crustaceans From Space! Shirt
(From Meekakitty's District Lines Store)
Wish i would have had the ability to get one when my size was in stock...  All there i now i an XL which I will probably get anyway because I love it!  I wanted it when I saw the Dial Up Tour last year but was a couple bucks short...  My ex best friend said she would get it for me but never did...  Im pretty sure I will end up getting the XL before they're all gone..

Rosette The Tone Bracelet
(From Mod Cloth)
Wish i would have found this before it was out of stock!  I adore blue roses and this bracelet is just darling!!

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