Sunday, August 18, 2013

Unicorns and Baby Showers

I bought that unicorn mask...  Fun times to ensue.  Perhaps even pictures!

I'll be hanging out with Sam today...  On a whim I bought supplies to make smores so I suppose we'll make smores today?  I dont know...  so much for being workout buddies!!  haha.  But we really will be going to the gym soon too, hopefully...  Im probably going to ask Shay if (once my room is clean) I can move the bike up to my room from the basement.  I really dont think he'll care, it was his mom's back in the day and probably hasnt been used in years...  So I'll just get that up here because it freaks me out being in the basement alone...

Im starting to feel happy again.  I really am.

Cassie's mom had a thought that maybe she should invite me to Cassie's baby shower.  Its a good thing she ran that by Mindy, though.  I dont think Cindy (Cassie's mom) really understood that the problem doesnt lie with me...  It was never completely MY fault that we had a falling out.  Cassie never could forgive me for not liking her new boyfriend...  It was a nice thought on Cindy's part and its good to know that the woman who was my mother figure in many ways for the past eight years doesnt hate me now that her daughter and I dont speak anymore.  I will, however, be getting her a present for the shower, I suppose.  I feel obligated to.  Obligated isnt really even the word...  I just feel like its the right thing to do.

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