Friday, August 16, 2013


Im psychotic.  Really, I am.  I dont mean to be but I cant help it, losing my best friend of eight years left me with a couple scars.  More than a couple.

I've made a new friend!  Shes pretty awesome.  The funny thing about her is that a year ago I had been jealous of her and hadnt even met her.  You see, I had this silly little fling with this guy who is now strictly a friend...  sort of?  I guess were friends sometimes and acquaintances at other times.  Anyway, we had about a week long fling that ended in him not being sure if he liked me or this girl he knew in high school.  AND SAM WAS THAT GIRL!  Funny how things work out, right?  Im now super happy that they are together because Justin deserves a girlfriend who isnt a jerk and from what I know of her, Sam deserves to be happy, she seems to have gone through a lot of rough times in the recent past.

We've hung out once, it was pretty fun although I felt bed that we just ended up at Cassie's parents house (first time I've been there in the year since we stopped speaking) but Mindy was there and hadnt told me anyone else was home.  I think she was okay with it, though.  I hope she was.

I was going to take her to Clifton yesterday but she had a migraine and couldnt come so Evan and I took Jake and met Dominic up there.  I got her a silly post card because she couldnt be there.

While we were eating Jake mentioned that he heard Sam and Cassie were friends and I don't know why but I immediately began to feel...  Worried.  What if Sam didn't have a migraine?  What if she went over to hang out with Cassie and they were laughing at me and how stupid I am?  But why would I think that of her?  She just doesn't seem like that type of person at all and I really hope shes not.  Jake told me that he had heard that from Cassie and thats all.  I dont care if Sam is friends with her too, I've encouraged it, even.  Cassie could probably use another friend, a good friend.  I just hope that Cassie doent try to pull something like saying things to get Sam to not like me...  Thats what I worry about.  I wasnt always that great of a person so Im afraid Cassie might tell her about some of the mean things I've said and done in the past....

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