Saturday, August 17, 2013

Thanks Douche!

I want to say a special thank you to the douche bag who came in with a party of 15 high schoolers (including himself) after a football game and left without paying.  The teenagers in question stayed for about an hour and a half, half were rude and difficult, the other half were at least somewhat polite.  They left me $3 for all the hard work I put into them and had been stiffed by two of my customers because they took so long ordering that I literally had no time to check on these customers except for a side question here or there over the 15 drinks I was carrying.

As for this douche bag kid, he was rude, when he needed a refill he just put his glass in the air and shook it at me, he didnt have enough bacon on his sandwich or enough sauce either.  I dealt with all of these things well.  My manager caught his buddies before they left letting them know that the two guys who got bacon burgers, cheese fries, and sweet tea hadnt paid yet and that someone needed to pay the $16 worth of food that was left.  Of course, they did but Im sure they werent happy about it.

Karma has a funny way of getting people sometimes, though because at that moment I was checking the table for tips.  I found $3 on the table.  Then I spotted some dollar bills on the seat and grumbled to myself because they could at least have the decency to leave it on the table and shoved it in my pocket. 

It wasnt until later that I realized he had dropped $17 on the seat and that it hadnt actually been my tip.  So in trying to save himself $8 in his food cost and being a douche, he actually lost almost double what he would have spent had he just pulled his money out of his pocket and paid, he might have realized it was gone and went back to the seat before I snatched it up....  He should also keep his money more organized because it was a 10 wrapped up in 7 ones so of course I thought it was a tip.

I guess karma really does exist...  However, i doubt thats what he took from it.  im probably the bitch who took his money and he'll just be checking his pockets before leaving places.  I'm sure he hasnt learned to tip the waitress who busted her ass for you and the people you're with, Im sure he hasnt learned not to dine and dash, but you can bet that he wont be getting away with it, not at our restaurant...

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