Sunday, August 18, 2013



Garnette was created originally when first came out with the whole "Atebus Masquerade" thing.  This was my first introduction to the idea of Steam Punk fashion and such and I then created a world based off of that concept.  She has some elements of Satine from Moulin Rouge and some elements of Adriette (A Subeta character).  

Garnette is a courtesan.  She lives in a steam based world, a colony that has settled inside of large domes on the moon and in tunnels that go through it.  The moon is independent from the Earth though is at peace with all countries taking no sides in wars and staying secluded.  Life on the moon is grand for most, but there are still the slums.  A small part of the colony that has fallen to hard times simply for being labeled as the poor part of town.  This is where Garnette is from

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