Saturday, August 3, 2013

Whats New?

Ive decided to tart thi blog up again.  Why not?  Even if no one reads it, why stop?

So heres the new deal with me.  I've worked at Papa Johns, loved it but it closed down after I was there for a year.  I worked at Circle K during that time too.  I moved on to be a waitres at Steak n Shake though.  I make pretty great money like I knew I would being a waitress.

I finally got my license last year, my ex best friend's sister let me use her car because we were supposed to be getting a GORGEOUS house...  That fell through, however because the price went up.  It was such a shame because the house had previously been a duplex and Cassie and I were going to live in the side that had a cute little kitchen with big windows, a cute little living room with lots of windows as well with a spiral stair case leading up to two bedrooms and a bathroom...  The house was slightly old but was so charming!  I do believe it was my dream home, honestly, it was!  Anyway, I got my license.  That was the point.

I have a boyfriend now.  We've been dating over a year now and we live together.  We went from a house full of room mates and cats to a tiny little apartment with one cat, and now we live in a huge house with a room mate and two cats.  Its really nice.  I have two gigantic closets and a jacuzzi tub, also my bed room is about the size of my old apartment.

I had a 1986 Crystler Lebaron that broke down after a couple months because I was unaware that it ate oil.  It was sad, the car was so lovely, I actually cried.  I now have a 2002 Mazda Protege which I payed too much for considering it needed two new tires, an oil change, new reservoir, and new brakes right away but its mine and I no longer have to walk to work.

I have a cat named Nymeria who I found in a friend's basement, said friend proceeded to take ownerhip over her but I took her when I moved and he put up no fight for her.  I previously had a kitten named Fenrir but he was given away to a really great home with people who love him a lot and feed him healthy food and fish oil.

I also lost my best friend to an engagement, that doesnt bother me so much anymore though.

I decided to give blogging another try.  :)

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