Tuesday, January 10, 2012


I failed at vegitarianism so I have no idea how I could ever survive being vegan considering I love so many things that contain dairy products...  I can imagine giving it up!

Im totally supportive of vegans, I mean, if you choose that life style, its all your decision to make, just as long as you do it the right way and stay healthy.  I totally respect the level of self control that I imagine it would take to go vegan, especially those who havent been brought up in a vegan lifestyle.

Heres what I do have a problem with. 
  1. Vegans who strongly believe that everyone should be vegan so much so that they get nasty toward others who dont share their beliefs, that call non vegans heartless murderers and other such things.  It reminds me of why I dont like going to church...  Seriously, from what Ive seen on PETA message boards, Veganism could almost be a religion....
  2. People who choose a vegan lifestyle as a way of dieting.  Mostly only if this is gone about the wrong way.  I can understand those who choose it because they think of it as a way to help animals, those are good intentions at least.  But to others who do it for weight loss, they often do it the wrong way and wind up very sick and malnourished...  You can not deny yourself protein and then go out and exorcise...  You need to find a way to get the necessary protein, calcium, and vitamin B-12 into your body.
A friend of mine might be having this problem.  It hasnt been confirmed, but I believe it is a possibility.  I think she started out as a vegetarian when she saw that other vegetarian friends of ours had lost weight since they stopped eating meat.  And then came a new eating disorder, she became bulimic.  And the newest is her switch to veganism.  The hell she is unleashing upon her body and her immune system...  Not to mention she also self harms...  And has previously had problems with emotional eating...  I fear that this recent turn to a vegan diet is just another part of her disturbing persistence to harm her body.  Im afraid that she wont take the supplements she needs in order to live this way, that she may end up hospitalized...  Although, the scary truth is, Im becoming more and more convinced that may be the only way she will finally get the help that she really needs.

The problem is, I dont think she really wants help.  She sees a therapist on a regular basis, but it doesnt always seem to do much good for her, maybe for a day or two, but then she just gets worse.  The reason it doesnt help is because she wont help herself.  Shes been looking for solutions in all the wrong places.  She went through a phase where she turned to religion, and is now turning to her love for animals to save her.  She has always been connected to animals in a way that Ive never seen before, I think because, unlike people, they dont let her down.  She has had a lot of people in her life let her down...

The sad truth is, she can pray that God will save her from herself, but he will not come down from heaven and take the razor out of her hand.  Her cat can not physically stop her from self harming.  Her therapist can do nothing but talk to her or make suggestions on how to improve her happiness.  You cant help a person who hates who they are.

This has gone too far.  She wont stop until she has completely destroyed herself, Ive come to understand that.  No matter how positively I try to think, she is not going to get better if she continues to hate herself the way she does.  Im not even sure she knows anymore why she is doing this to herself, what does she hate in herself that she is trying so hard to kill?

The problem is that I have no idea what I can do for her that hasnt already been done.

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