Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Dial Up

Went to Bogarts with Nicki on Saturday for the Dial Up tour!! It was absolutely fabulous!! We got to meet Mitchell Davis, and given the dinosaur's infatuation with him, I kinda felt as though I actually knew him from how much shes told me about him which was weird to be honest, but it was cool to meet him all the same as I am a Livelavalive fan afterall :)
We were, however, somewhat sad we didn't get to meet Tessa, I was a fan of Meekakitty before Livelavalive, actually, Nicki was the one who introduced me to her channel, so it was pretty great getting to see her in person anyway ;)

Right in the middle of Livelavalive, Nicki turned to me and said "how do you feel about ham?" she paused for a minute, I thought at first maybe it was a inside joke that I had forgotten about until she continued, "and cheese... Wrapped in a croissant.". But when we got back to her condo, that was our dinner. It was fabulous!

Nicki and I had to conquer an ice mountain and icey sloped parking lot to deliver books to her grandparents, before going to Bogarts though. We thought we were going to die, but somehow I managed not to fall at all. Nicki, on the other hand was not so lucky... We thought of telling Mitchell when we met him that we had risked death in order to see him, but it kind of escaped our minds...

Anyhow, here's a picture of Nicki and I with Mitchell Davis. His teeth aren't actually yellow.. I don't think... Nicki did something to the picture before she put it on Facebook and whatever it was made his teeth look yellow... Ours do a little bit too... No telling how long it will take her to remember to post the original..

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