Thursday, September 12, 2013


Thanks to April, I am now a huge fan of Zedd.  Im okay with this.

Ill be honest, she told me the name and I didnt bother youtubeing him.  I had no idea what to expect when I walked into Bogarts.  Despite being SOAKED in sweat (belonging to myself and others around me) and everyone else's beer along with feeling like I was being cooked, I had a really great time.

And I thought Life in color was amazing!  3lau had been my favorite DJ before last night.  Now its defintely Zedd hands down.  His light show is just unmatched (as far as ive seen).  Its not even the big screens he has in front of and behind him, its the lazers, the strobes, the patterns.  Everything.

Gorgeous, gorgeous, mind blowing light show to go with really great music and a pretty great atmosphere.
(That is, if you exclude the girl who was there with her mom, she complained very loudly when we ended up in front of her, her mom was practically grinding on me and im PRETTY sure she patted down my hair at one point in time....  Also, she kept man handling April....  yeah, she was obnoxious)
And despite my neck KILLING me today because the girl behind me got on her boyfriend shoulders and I was continuously kneed in the back of the neck as she flung her beer around.
Cant complain about such things, though, its just what happens in ctowds like that. :)

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