Monday, September 9, 2013

Blood Work

I got a call today ftom the doctor.

I went to a new one, one who actually listens.  He wont give me ADHD medication because the kind that doesnt make me ill is the kind people like to abuse and whatnot...

Anyway, what did come of it is that we cought my iron deficiency in enough time to get me to a proper doctor for it.

Personally, I believe this happened because of my birth control.  This is too much information but while I was on it and feeling weird and having a rediculously heavy flow, my old doctor was telling me that my body just needed to adjust.  My NEW doctor says that my birth control may be pumping me with too many hormones and he did some blood tests.

My iron levels are REALLY low.
So this explains my cravings for ice, moodiness, iritability, and lethargy.... 

Hopefully I can just take some iron supplements and be okay...

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